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Testing The Spaces.

Hhmmm…. I just sent the text (below), but when I visited “the link” and then the site, all that posted was the title. Nothing else. (As in, I just logged into WordPress to slap this stuff down.) More tweaking to come… after the kids & the gym are visited…



Subject:     Testing the spaces.
Date:     October 30, 2008 2:15:38 PM CD

Okay. So it appears this thing works. That I can write an e-mail, visit a super-secret link, and voila! Instant blog entry! Or, I can write and then… eventually… it’ll post itself. Either way, not a bad situation…

Now I just have to get used to hitting return THREE times to make a simple space between paragraphs.

Or is it four?

I’m gonna assume three, until I take a gander at this thing. Thanks for everyone’s patience. :) As if you had a choice… (snicker)…


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