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Book Fair Kills – February 2009.

The hunt is over. I returned from Oklahoma City this weekend with a ton of books, and all for under $40 total. :)

Below is the naked, unsorted list of titles, followed by the overexposed photos of said books.

Enjoy! :)



Slowing Down to the Speed of Life
The Maverick Mindset
Praying to the God You Can Trust
How to Sleep Soundly Tonight
A Scientific Approach to Biblical Mysteries
Lights In The Sky & Little Green Men
The Healing Power of the Christian Mind
Guide to Your Child’s Sleep
Nighttime Parenting – How to Get Your Baby and Child to Sleep
Sleep – The Gentle Tyrant
Sleepless in America
Power Sleep
The Healing Power of Sleep
The Science Times Book of Language & Linguistics
2007 Writer’s Market
Find It Fast
Publicize Your Book!
Help! My Puppy Is Driving Me Crazy
How To Get Your Point Across In 30 Seconds Or Less
Guerilla Creativity
Oxygen Therapies
The Art of Partnering
Getting To Yes
Magic Brands
The Complete Book of Unusual Names
The Genesis Factor
Using the Telephone More Effectively
The Treasure Principle
Frozen – Jay Bonansigna
Twisted – Jay Bonansigna
Agents of Light and Darkness – Simon R. Green
The Mist – Stephen King
Temple – Matthew Reilly
Risen – J. Knight
Con Ed – Matthew Klein

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