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All Signs Point To Yes.

What God is doing in my life is incredible.

First, the meetings with Matt Yubas are fantastic. Again, I’m able to read about his thoughts on licensing, manufacturing, marketing, etc. and interact with him three times a week. Even if I’m not getting specific answers to my personal projects, I’m just grateful for the chance to meet with him on a personal basis.

So, last Sunday night I had a dream. In it, I received a letter from Harvey Reese & Associates, a licensing agency that I had submitted an idea to last month. The letter said they were going to pass on the idea, but thanks anyway. The surprising thing was my reaction in the dream: I was okay with it. I recognized that not every idea of mine will be a home run, and I was ready to shop it around to the next guy.

Now, imagine my surprise when I received a letter in the mail on Monday. From Harvey Reese & Associates. And it said… they LIKED my idea! Not only that, but they want to represent it and try to find a licensing deal for it!

This. Is. Huge. Because not only is this the very idea that God put in my mind LAST May when I was praying about my future, but it’s also incredibly rare to have an idea picked up by them. I mean, can you imagine all the ideas that get submitted to them which are absolutely worthless? That are unoriginal or pre-existing on store shelves? But they not only liked my idea, they believe it will be profitable enough to try to pursue it. They BELIEVE in it!

This turn of events, along with last month’s investor and having a working relationship with a licensing agent and mentor only serves to emphasize EVEN MORE that God is with me and is showering me with His supernatural, unprecedented favor. Everywhere I turn, everything I read continues to confirm His plans for me. And far greater than that, His LOVE. God is astounding.

I read a book the other day about praise (“There’s Dynamite In Praise,” by Don Gossett), and it changed my perspective on it. Instead of being a bizarre, “Christianese” word like I’ve always understood it, my understanding of it became clearer. Praising God is just giving thanks to Him. Recognizing Him for who He is. And the best part? The Bible specifically says that God inhabits our praises.

So the next time I’m depressed, or afraid, or anxious or whatever – if I praise God in the middle of it, my outlook will change. Because those things can’t stand in the presence of an almighty, sovereign God and still have power over me. God covers over them, eclipses them completely. And that? That is SO COOL!!!

Lord, thank you so much. Let me not forget the mercies you’ve rained down upon me. I trust you, and I trust my future to Your hands. My success? It lies with You, and ONLY You. Amen.


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