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Free Music Friday: Sarah Reeves – Broken Things.

Again, I’m not typically into “worship music.’ It’s just too super sweet for me. But after following Sarah Reeves‘ debut EPs “Sweet Sweet Sound” and “God of the Impossible,” I knew her new album, “Broken Things,” would be a good investment.

Not as rocking as her previous outings, but still powerful enough to be in my top ten of 2012 so far. If you’re looking for a quiet, mellow album with an emphasis on being fully submitted to God (whether you’re whole OR broken at this point in life) – this is it.

As usual, leave a comment here or on Facebook and I’ll pick a winner come Sunday.

- Kevin

You can listen to her stuff on Spotify here.

Free Music Friday: Songs Of Hope.

It seems the older we get, the more heartache we’re bound to experience. As we get to know more people, spending time loving them and being loved by them, we inadvertently open ourselves up to greater pain in the process. Because just as we’ll share their joy and mountaintops, we’re also going to stand alongside them when they find themselves in the painful valley.

These songs have all had a powerful impact on my life at different times, lifting me out of my depressive funks and giving me a new feeling of hope. They serve to remind me that no matter how dark life can get, God is still good and He’s still in control of the world. And while He does allow us to experience deep, gut-wrenching pain at times, it’s never without purpose. We will heal in time. Life will get better. The more we commit ourselves into His loving hands, the closer He is to us and the faster we find relief.

So if you’re in a low spot of life and find encouragement through music, leave a comment and maybe you’ll be the lucky winner come Sunday. (Genres range from Christian to chillout to alternative to folk. You can listen to the songs via Spotify by clicking here.)

- Kevin

 Track List:

Addison Road – Hope Now

Addison Road – Start Over Again

Alli Rogers – Hope

Telepopmusik – Breathe

The Innocence Mission – It Is Well With My Soul

Superchick – Beauty from Pain

Superchick – Breathe

Plumb – God Will Take Care of You

Olive – Smile

Kaskade – 4:00 AM

Imogen Heap – Lifeline

Imogen Heap – Wait It Out

Hem – The Part Where You Let Go

Lindsey Kane – The Valley

Lindsey Kane – You’ll Be Whole

Free Music Friday: Dance Of The Sugar Plum Fairy (13 Sweet Song Selections)

Of all the Christmas Music that’s played nonstop during the season, Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy is by far my favorite. There’s something about those notes that just entrances me, and makes me want to stop whatever I’m doing and listen. It doesn’t matter which version or musical genre it’s in, I just love it!

So this week I’m giving away 13 of the best versions in my iTunes collection. Click on the links if you want some samples, but otherwise you can trust that if you win this week? You”ve hit the Sugar Plum Motherlode.

And all you have to do is leave a comment to enter. :)



The songs:

Aliqua – SugaFunScary

Bond – Sugarplum

Acoustisaurus – Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy

Christmas Songs Music – Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy

Bill Wolfer – Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy

Arctic Express - Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy 

The Fedora Club - Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy

Indigo - Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy

Angels of Venice - Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy

William Zeitler - Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy 

Berlin Symphony Orchestra – Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy (Red Baron Remix)

Music Incorporated Studio Singers - Sugar Plum Fantasy

 The Johnny Varro Swing 7 - Bounce of the Sugar Plum Fairy 

Free Music Friday: Carol Of The Bells (13 Handpicked Songs For You)

I love this song. Out of all the Christmas songs out there, this is my second-favorite one. (My 1st favorite Christmas song will be featured next week.) It’s just mesmerizing. I hear these notes and a part of me freezes so I can catch every single note. Just awesome.

So today I’m offering 13 of the BEST renditions of Carol of the Bells that have ever been written. Bluegrass, Electronica, Pop, Vocal, Orchestral, Instrumental… you name it, I’ve got your genre covered.

Just leave a comment (either here or on Facebook) and you’ll be entered for your chance to win! Winner will be picked Sunday night! Good luck!

- Kevin


Go ahead. Listen to the samples already… 

Carol and the Kings – Alison Brown Quartet

Carol of the Bells – Act of Congress

Carol of the Bells – Lanae’ Hale

Carol of the Bells – Gramercy Brass

Carol of the Bells - Arctic Express

Carol of the Bells – Emmy Rossum

Carol of the Bells – Barenaked Ladies

Carol of the Bells – Shawn Lee’s Ping Pong Orchestra

Carol of the Bells – Christmas Songs Music

Carol of the Bells – Beckah Shae

Carol of the Bells – London Festival Orchestra Remix

Carol of the Bells – Angels of Venice

Carol of the Bells – Dopaminex






Free Music Friday: My Holiday, By Mindy Smith

Around the same time I discovered Rosie Thomas’s Christmas album (see last week’s post), I also found Mindy Smith’s “My Holiday,” which is equally sublime. You can listen to samples below to confirm and validate that this album is worthy of giving away.

You want it? Leave a comment (here or on Facebook if you’re a “friend”) and you’ll increase your chances of winning 100%. Guaranteed. (Winner to be decided Sunday…)

Find a fireplace, pour yourself some hot chocolate (or a glass of wine), grab a good book and make this your soundtrack to holiday bliss.

- Kevin

Song Picks: I Know The Reason, Follow the Shepard Home, My Holiday

Official Site for My Holiday

Amazon (Currently only $5 for the MP3 album!)



Free Music Friday: A Very Rosie Christmas


I stumbled across this album a few years ago and fell in love with Rosie’s soft voice and catchy songwriting. So now I’m buying you a digital copy of A Very Rosie Christmas for FREE! (Provided you leave a comment here or on Facebook… and are the lucky winner randomly picked on Sunday).

Listen to “Christmas Don’t Be Late” or “Christmastime is Here” to get an idea of what’s in store.

Her MySpace page has the best audio links, so far…

Free Music Friday: Near The Parenthesis – Japanese For Beginners.

Okay, instead of trying to describe this music, I’m ripping off the description that’s on the label’s website. It’ll do a much better job of letting you know what Near the Parenthesis is about, and why you wanna get it.

Japanese for Beginners‘ is Near The Parenthesis’ 4th album via the n5MD imprint and 5th overall. Not far behind on the contemplative artfulness of 2010′s “Music For the Forest Concourse” this new album finds Tim Arndt adding more texturally experimental treatments to his signature mix of melodic IDM and Modern Classical. Arndt was intent on creating a decidedly more “electronic” backdrop for the record, which includes what may be some of the most creative drum programing of his career. Building on this new platform, Japanese for Beginners continues Arndt’s bias and skill in constructing haunting piano motifs and, as always, brings the pieces together seamlessly. The songs on “Japanese For Beginners” are as hopeful, as dreamy, and as thoughtfully crafted as you want them to be. With this album as with any of Arndt’s releases, it is up to the listener to dive in to the details or simply let it play as the soundtrack to your day.”

Personally? This is one of my favorite albums ever. It’s a great worship album to me, when I want to calm down and focus on God, but I don’t feel like getting overwhelmed with predictable melodies and saccharin lyrics that most Christian worship music consists of. Near the Parenthesis? Allows me to be myself when I approach God, without distractions.

I’m not a fan of ambient music, or stark piano for that matter. But this album is the epitome of tranquil and serene. So click here to listen to some samples and see for yourself why you should leave a comment & try to score this thing for free.

Got Spotify? You can listen to the entire album here. For FREE.

Free Music Friday: Natalie Walker

A few years ago I heard a rendition of “Dust in the Wind” by a group called Daughter Darling. The lead singer was Natalie Walker, who’s since broken out on her own with a handful of successful solo projects. If you’ll click on the link (above), you’ll hear how her voice is vivid and somewhat mesmerizing. Her latest album, “Spark,” is equally as enjoyable (although I only download a handful of the choice songs.)

So today I’m offering the lucky winner a total of 5 songs from Natalie:

Dust in the Wind

Quicksand (Thievery Corportation Remix)




You can find samples for each one at Natalie’s Amazon page (or elsewhere on the web). And all you gotta do to enter is leave a comment. Ta-dahhh!! That’s easy. I’ll pick a winner on Sunday & get ‘em to you ASAP.

Free Music Friday: Vedera – Stages

As usual, I don’t know how I ran across Vedera. Probably music mining over on Amazon or something… I dunno.

But I DO know I was thoroughly impressed with their debut album, “The Weight of an Empty Room.” So when their follow-up album, “Stages,” came out, I knew I would enjoy it. Granted, they rewrote some of their key hooks and melodies from their previous album into new songs on this one, but you know what? It works. (Part of the joy of being an indie artist… you’re free to do crazy stuff like that if you want to.)

If you’re a fan female-fronted bands ala Sixpence None The Richer, The Sundays or The Cranberries, you’ll probably love the infectious pop rock stuff that Vedera has to offer. :) Just leave a comment with your contact info below and I’ll pick a winner on Sunday for the Amazon MP3 album.

Vedera – Stages (On

Vedera – MySpace


Free Music Friday: Hammock – Kenotic

Way back in 2005 I discovered what Post-Rock Music entailed. I had been looking for some kind of instrumental music, akin to Pink Floyd’s 90′s stuff, and as I was searching on CD Baby I ran across a then-unheard of group called Hammock. Their debut album, “Kenotic,” only confirmed my suspicions: I was in love with instrumental post-rock.

As I’m beginning to write on my blog more often, I’m going to try to institute Free Music Fridays. This is where I’ll post about a favorite band of mine, and then offer to buy the album for one lucky winner the next day. All YOU have to do is leave a comment below (and provide a cryptic e-mail address, ala “bunky at bunkyboo dot com” or something). Then I’ll slap all the names into some randomizer app on my iPhone and voila! Instant winner! :)

In the meantime, enjoy the album below… to see if it’s your kinda tunes.

- Kevin

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