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Free Music Friday: Songs Of Hope.

It seems the older we get, the more heartache we’re bound to experience. As we get to know more people, spending time loving them and being loved by them, we inadvertently open ourselves up to greater pain in the process. Because just as we’ll share their joy and mountaintops, we’re also going to stand alongside them when they find themselves in the painful valley.

These songs have all had a powerful impact on my life at different times, lifting me out of my depressive funks and giving me a new feeling of hope. They serve to remind me that no matter how dark life can get, God is still good and He’s still in control of the world. And while He does allow us to experience deep, gut-wrenching pain at times, it’s never without purpose. We will heal in time. Life will get better. The more we commit ourselves into His loving hands, the closer He is to us and the faster we find relief.

So if you’re in a low spot of life and find encouragement through music, leave a comment and maybe you’ll be the lucky winner come Sunday. (Genres range from Christian to chillout to alternative to folk. You can listen to the songs via Spotify by clicking here.)

- Kevin

 Track List:

Addison Road – Hope Now

Addison Road – Start Over Again

Alli Rogers – Hope

Telepopmusik – Breathe

The Innocence Mission – It Is Well With My Soul

Superchick – Beauty from Pain

Superchick – Breathe

Plumb – God Will Take Care of You

Olive – Smile

Kaskade – 4:00 AM

Imogen Heap – Lifeline

Imogen Heap – Wait It Out

Hem – The Part Where You Let Go

Lindsey Kane – The Valley

Lindsey Kane – You’ll Be Whole

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