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“the Storm Is Coming.”

(This Part 2 of my blog posts concerning “The Storm.” To read Part 1, click here.)

New Year’s Eve 

It was in the middle of the night on New Year’s Eve when God spoke to me again. I had been sound asleep when He said, quietly but quite clearly, “The Storm is Coming.”

I immediately sat up and opened my eyes in shock (because, you know… I had been sound asleep up until that point). His words were absolutely clear, and they echoed in my mind, but I had no idea what they meant. Whatsoever. So I prayed for clarification, heard no response, then filed it in the back of my mind and went back to sleep.

I admit that it would be easy to write off a midnight message like this as a figment of my own imagination, but in the two months since that moment (both during and after my 3-week Daniel Fast), God continually underscored His words with multiple confirmations through His Word, devotionals, and “random” conversations and events.

In one instance, a friend had asked how we were adapting to life in Washington, and I lamented how I was still in standby mode, eagerly waiting for God to direct me next. At that point she reassured me, saying “Well, I’m sure there’s a reason for it. In fact, I recently read about how God usually has us wait because He’s preparing us for a storm.”

Yes. My jaw actually dropped open. Because at that point, I had told no one aside from my wife about what God had said to me the few weeks before. This was Confirmation #1.

Confirmation #2 arrived the following week when I left a message with another friend, saying we should try to connect and talk sometime soon. He messaged me back and said that at the very moment my message came through he was hitting SEND on an e-mail that he had wanted to send to me a few months earlier, but he had resisted because he didn’t want to come across as “weird” or “alarmist.”

The e-mail was a PDF attachment by someone named John Paul Jackson, entitled… The Perfect Storm. It concisely detailed much of what I felt God had been impressing on me over the previous weeks (and what I’m preparing for(. You can download it directly from my Dropbox folder at the following link:

John Paul Jackson – The Perfect Storm

Both instances were very freaky, inexplicable, and — needless to say — convincing. As much as I wanted to dismiss these things as random coincidences, I couldn’t. Because they kept happening.

- Kevin

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