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What Is “the Storm”?

(This post is in relation to my other posts about The Storm, so if you haven’t read those yet, you can catch up by clicking here. Otherwise, confusion might set in, then jaundice… maybe even insomnia and incontinence. Personally, I wouldn’t chance it…)

As I’ve prayed for clarification about what “the storm” is, my current impressions are two possibilities: a solar storm and an economic collapse (most likely related to oil). I’ve provided some research and website links into both of these in the following section, but I’ll go ahead and describe them in a nutshell for you here.

Solar storm - The sun is extremely active lately and the chance of it burping a solar flare (Coronal Mass Ejection) is higher now than it’s been in decades. If it hits the earth square on, it’ll fry a whole bunch of electronics, including the U.S. power grids that keep electricity going and make everyday living possible. Even worse, repairing them would take a long, long time, because the machines used to make the parts would require — you got it — electricity.

Economic collapse - Our country’s dependence on foreign oil was news to me. (Hey, raising three spirited, super-fun kids and flirting with an über-hot wife takes a lotta time, you know). Anyhow, just doing a minimal amount of research was educational and extremely… disconcerting. If the price of oil shoots up? The price of everything shoots up. And in an economic climate where people are feeling squeezed already? It won’t end well.

I believe…

…the cost of living will escalate drastically as gas prices increase to unprecedented amounts. 

…the average American will be caught completely unprepared and will panic. 

…the comfortable world we’ve come to know as America’s standard of living is about to get very ugly, very soon. 

…what we see happening in GreeceEgyptSyria and Europe is foreshadowing what could one day happen in America. 

…the majority of us are either completely oblivious to the danger or in complete denial. 

Frankly, I think we’re too busy to see the signs. We’re more focused on our careers, making more money, plotting our retirement, updating our social statuses, catching up on reality TV, watching the latest movies, and ensuring we’re as utterly comfortable as possible at any given moment. We’re too distracted with the shiny baubles of life to take the time to pray and listen to what God is telling us.

Even when a natural disaster does get ample coverage? It’s only a matter of days before we completely forget about it, resuming the hectic pace of our own lives.We become so numb to the news that it just doesn’t faze us anymore. The signs are all there, but most of us are too ignorant and frantic that unless a disaster immediately affects our own status quo, we go through life utterly unaffected by the tragedies that continue to happen “over there.”

We simply don’t realize how good we have it right now.

As I sought God in His silence the past few months, He led me to be intentionally thankful for every single day. Well, when I was depressed with non-productivity and seeking His direction for something to actually do, this wasn’t well-received.Thankful? For twisting in the wind? I stubbornly refused.

Now, however, it makes more sense. Because when I combine His directive to “be grateful for every day” with His message that “a storm is coming,” it becomes clearer. Life can change in an instant. I’ve grown to appreciate my family more, laughing and loving on them more, rather than making sure everyone’s “behaving” at all times. I try to show everyone more grace as I’ve come to recognize how much grace I’ve been shown, day after day.

We need to make the decision to recognize how blessed we are today instead of thinking how much more we want in life tomorrow. We keep comparing ourselves to each other, in a country where we’re all incredibly rich and clueless. We are out of touch with the rest of the world as we surround ourselves with luxuries and comforts unheard of in other cultures. And we never, ever think we have enough. Of anything. EVER.

It’s sad. And it’s time we woke up to realize that all those passages in the Bible that talk about the “rich” and the “kings”? They’re talking about us.

To Be Continued…

- Kevin

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