The Storm: Tick Tock Timeline.

(This post is part of a series of posts regarding The Storm. For it to make the most sense, you’ll wanna start at the beginning here. Just scroll to the bottom and work your way up… as counter-intuitively as possible…)

Tick Tock Timeline

I want to emphasize to you that I’m not a prophet (at least, not that I’m aware of…). I don’t feel called to preach a doomsday message from the mountaintops or create an end times podcast. I’m not claiming dates or times or key passages of scripture to fuel the fire of all the 2012 apocalyptic mass hysteria. I’m just a guy who tries to seek God on a regular basis and believes He has spoken to me with this very specific warning. So I’m going to do what I can to prepare while there’s still time / money / resources left to prepare with.

And after that? It’s back to life as normal, knowing there’s a plan and a system in place when the time comes that we need it. Regardless of whether it’s sooner or later. Preparing for a crisis is not unlike insurance, except your money doesn’t go down a big hole in someone’s pocket. I’m hoping for the best, but preparing for the worst. And like most people, I soon discovered my family was woefully unprepared for an emergency (of any scale).

So before the end May, I’m preparing my family for a minimum of 30 days with:

No electricity. 

No heat. 

No food. 

No water.  

No money.

No communication. 

…and no time left to prepare.

I imagine as people read these posts you’ll be tempted to dismiss all of this as nonsense. After all, it’s just one guy’s testimony, right? You might chalk it up to insanity, paranoia, fear-mongering, or whatever makes you feel better by pushing the possibility of discomfort far away. (Heck, that’s sure what I did when I first heard what He said to me.) Again, I’m not trying to tell you what to do. I’m just sharing what I, personally, am hearing from God, seeing in the world around me and doing to prepare for it all.

Thinking about a drastic change to life as I’ve known it? It’s uncomfortable. But my comfort isn’t my god. I’m responsible for more than just myself in this life. I have a wife and children to take care of. Ignoring what I feel God’s clearly been telling me simply isn’t an option. So I’ve made the decision to prepare now. To educate myself and buy whatever supplies I need now. While there’s an Internet. And an Amazon (WalmarteBay, etc.…). And food, water and other necessary supplies readily available on the shelves.

And if I’m wrong about what I believe I’m hearing? If I’m completely misinterpreting these signs and absolutely nothing happens in the immediate future? Well, then we can all sit back and laugh about it over hot chocolate and scones someday in the future.

But for today?

I choose to prepare myself and my family for what I believe is coming.



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