The Storm: Final Thoughts & Faith.

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Final Thoughts & Faith

Let me be perfectly honest. Thinking about a possible crisis scenario can get pretty dang depressing. It can shake you to the core when you consider the depth and range and long-term impact this would have, both on our lives and, more importantly, our children’s.

I don’t believe this is going to be “armageddon,” or even the tribulation (although it very well could be). I believe this is a result of our turning away from God and His ways. I believe He’s going to remove His hand of blessing and protection on America, specifically, and we will be reap the whirlwind that’s a direct result of ignoring Him. It’s not that He’s being hateful or vengeful, it’s simply the consequence of our actions.

Drop a rock on your foot? It’s gonna hurt.

Eat a handful of red ants? It’s gonna hurt.

Ignore God and His Word? Yeah… it’s gonna hurt.

Despite this, I don’t think the future is as bleak as it could be, at least for some of us. In addition to the distinct impressions I’ve been getting that this will happen, I’ve also had conversations with multiple people who all underscore the same truth: God will provide for His people.

The skeptic in me balked at this claim. I mean, let’s be honest. I can only store so much food and water. How in the world was God going to supply for our long-term needs through a calamity like this? It just didn’t seem possible. At all.

Then I remembered Israel, God’s Chosen People. He took them out of Egypt and led them directly into… a desert. Where He met their needs by feeding them manna. From Heaven. He brought forth water from a rock. Delivered them from a rabid army that had cornered them in. He supplied their every need, and all they had to do was trust and obey Him.

It sounds so easy, but it’s not. To hear Him? To trust Him? To obey Him? It goes against everything we are as self-sufficient, American people, puffed up with American know-how, gumption and pride. Why would we ever want to wait on God, we ask? We’re Americans! We can roll up our sleeves, dig in and get ‘er done now. Right?

Sure we can… but at what cost?

The words that keep floating into my thinking is “threshing floor” and “sifting like wheat.” An American collapse, as terrifying and uncomfortable as it will be, will not be the end of the world. (The end of the world “as we know it,” perhaps, but not the end of the world itself.) God is going to allow circumstances to shake us to the core. What we believe about God, His goodness and His love will be shaken violently.

Will we choose to believe? Despite what our eyes see around us? What our ears hear? What our logical minds or voices of authority will convince us is “the truth”?

Or will we draw closer to listen to the quiet whispers of God and Choose To Believe what He’s saying to us? At any given moment?

We can’t have it both ways. We can’t pledge our allegiance to Him and then turn around and go our own way whenever we feel like it. He’s not looking for lukewarm. The lukewarm “Christians” of the world? Who think they can attend a service on Sunday mornings and tack God onto their egocentric, American-made lives? When the shaking quakes set in they will fall away the fastest as their shaky “faith” suddenly fails them.

Why? Because they worship the god of Comfort. So when the world suddenly becomes extremely uncomfortable? For an extended period of time? Well, their “god” will have left the building.

Nope. God really isn’t looking for lukewarm.

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